Swing Trading for Beginners

Swing trading for beginners is the subject of this section and we have already covered some basics of this already in currency swing trading so check it out.

Here we want to outline why swing trading is an ideal form of trading for novice traders and those who lack patience.

Many FOREX traders look at long term trend following in FOREX and think that it's the most lucrative way to make money, after all the big currency trends last for weeks and months and if you can lock into and hold them, then you can make stellar profits.

The problem is:

Most traders are not mentally equipped to do this and cannot get the right mindset to trend follow. Swing trading can be just as profitable and for beginners in particular, swing trading is the better place to start.

Lets look at why.

Long Term Trend Following V Currency Swing Trading

The hardest form of trading to master not from the point of view of method - but from the point of view of adopting the right mindset is long term trend following as we have just stated.

If you look at any FOREX chart, you will see FOREX trends that last for months or even years yet, only a small minority of FOREX traders have the discipline and correct mindset to hold these trends and milk them for their full profit potential.

All traders want to make big gains but capturing them is the hardest bit.

If money is important to you, (as it is to most FOREX traders) then your emotions will be present and they will play havoc with your discipline, in you in your quest to hold these trends.

When counter trend moves come, they will reduce your open equity profits (sometimes by thousands of dollars quickly) and the losses in open equity can frighten you to take profits early.

Most traders get excited and nervous when they get a profit and the bigger the profit gets; the more tempted they are to bank it before it gets away. Most FOREX traders end up banking early and getting a small or marginal profit, when they could have had a huge profit.

That's why swing trading for beginners is the best strategy to try first – it requires less discipline and is less demanding, in terms of your mindset and attitude.

Swing Trading for beginners Advantages

The aim is to catch reactions within major trends which normally last around a week and profits can be taken quickly.

Swing trading FOREX trends is exciting, there are plenty of trades and you know if you are right or wrong quickly – this makes it easy on the mind and psychologically better for most FOREX traders especially novice traders.

Swing trading is the best form of short term trading that works. Day trading sounds great in theory - but in practice doesn't work as the data is not valid, whereas it is in swing trading.

We have all ready given the basics of what swing trading for beginners is and in this section why it is a great method to trade and can be very profitable part of your FOREX trading strategy.

Next we need to design a FOREX trading system for swing trading and this is simple:

You can get a swing trading system together in a few days - that's robust, offers great risk to reward and is easy to understand, so you can execute your trading signals with confidence and discipline.

Now we are going to look at building a swing trading for beginners system - so click the link here swing trading in FOREX and let's get started.

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