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Learn the strategy the pro traders use to catch
ALL the big trend changes
NO previous trading experience necessary


We have been trading the Forex markets since 1997 and use simple proven strategies which you can use to get the odds on your side which will help you become a consistently profitable trader.

Simple Strategies that Work

You will learn simple strategies that work, money management techniques to help you find the best risk-to-reward trade setups, and learn how to get the psychology and mindset of a pro trader to trade with total confidence and discipline.

Learn In Real Time With Us Each Day

Each day we do analysis of 14 FX pairs and trade our strategy in Real Time where you can see our trades - exact entries stops and targets. We give an in-depth explanation of all trades in terms of the technicals as well as the sentiment and big fundamentals behind all our trade setups.

Timeless Logic to Get the Odds on Your Side

Our trading strategy is simple to understand and have confidence in so you will trade with Total confidence and discipline. Our strategy takes very little time we only look at price action twice a day no staring at screens or responding to price action all our orders are placed in advance.

Full Support as You Learn

If at any time you need any help or assistance you can email or Skype us your queries.

Simple Strategy That's Time efficient

Our strategy can be learned quickly and you ONLY need to look at price action twice a day All our trades are set in advance through levels.

Technical Analysis Using it the Right Way

Our strategy is simple and robust, based on timeless logic which will never go out of date. The strategy focuses on big support and resistance levels, volatility and momentum of Price.

The Secret of Catching Big Trends

Big trends are driven by sentiment towards the big fundamentals – We look at order flow behind the chart so you can catch big trend and hold them with confidence for longer.

Our Sentiment & Fundamental Analysis

We track big institutional money flow via the COT Net Traders Positions and Bank order flow analysis to give us a directional bias then use simple technicals to enter and manage the trade.

The Importance of Money Management

You will learn correct money management in terms of position sizing, Profit taking and how to place and manage stops, to maximize profits and minimize risk exposure.

Trading with an Edge

Our Edge is easy to learn, understand and have confidence in – If you have an edge you will always trade with confidence and discipline and if you can do that you will achieve FX success.



“First I would like to say -Your course is outstanding value for money and the daily analysis has really helped me in terms of learning the strategy. I have made solid profits in my first 6 months of trading by focusing on holding big trends which before I found hard to do. Before signing up I had trouble holding a 100-pip move but now I am holding trades for 500 pips or more thank you. (Philip Johnson Liverpool UK)

“I spent years day trading and getting nowhere – your set and forget trading and focus on bigger moves has turned my trading around. Your trading strategy is quick to apply and I no longer get stressed about my trading.” (Martin Hannity Denver USA)

"I am an experienced technical trader but decided to buy your course for your sentiment analysis. I just wanted to say it helped me a lot in terms of not only getting better entries but giving me the confidence to hold my profitable trades longer ”
(Michelle Shultz Geneva Switzerland)

OUR PHILOSOPHY PICOur Philosophy Of Trading

If you want to trade day trade or scalp the markets or trade pretty complex patterns our course and strategy would not be for you. These methods of trading have never worked and never will - You can look at any successful professional traders and see what they do...

They use simple technical analysis based on big supply and demand levels backed up by a view of the sentiment towards the fundamentals which give warnings of trend changes and an idea of how far a trend might run which is what you will learn to do with our course.

We have been trading since 1987 and providing Forex education since 1997 – We have taught thousands of traders from all walks of life, and we have taught over 20,000 traders from complete beginners to experienced traders who simply wanted to improve their overall profits.

We would love the opportunity to help you become a confident and disciplined trader.



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