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FOREX trading is one of the few ways to build wealth quickly, and trading can be learned by ANYONE with a willingness to learn and a desire to succeed however most Forex educators don't give their trades why? Because their not traders and have no confidence they can make profits.

We are confident in our strategy to make profits longer term so give our trades on 14 FX pairs daily. Of course, you will want to do your own trades in your own way but seeing us trade will give you confidence that the techniques are based on sound logic and work.

Our complete wealth-building FOREX course gives you proven strategies, daily and weekly technical updates and lessons, plus full support from experienced traders to help you become a successful FX trader from home.

“I was attracted to your course due to the fact you do real-time analysis which all the previous training courses didn't and no surprises I lost money. Your techniques found easy to learn and your daily analysis extremely helpful. I only have a small account but have covered the cost Fivefold in my first six months of trading! Thanks and keep up the good work”
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Learn to Trade A Simple Strategy that Works!

Our strategy is based upon timeless logic which will always work to get the odds on your side and help you become a consistently profitable trader. Its a fact that most retail traders lose and this is due to the fact they use strategies that are based on flawed logic and also they have the wrong psychology and fail to control their emotions.

A Strategy Based on Simple Timeless Logic

We will teach you how professional traders use technical analysis which is to focus on big supply and demand levels and trade high odds breakouts. Most retail traders trade predictive pattern strategies that are doomed to failure. Professional traders don't try and predict where price action will go they trade the reality of price change.

Our VBM method identifies key levels which if broken are likely to see big money flow in favour of breakouts so you can trade setups with low risk and high-profit potential. Professional traders use technical analysis BUT they also look at Sentiment to give them a Directional bias with their technical analysis.

We look at the sentiment of traders with simple techniques which anyone can learn, to give us advance warning of big trend reversals and also whether a trend is likely to continue or reverse and then use simple technical analysis to enter and manage your trades. ALL the top traders in the world look at sentiment their technical analysis to maximize profits and you can do and gain an edge in terms of maximizing your profit potential.

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The VBM is simple flexible system for currency trading success:

Our system is designed to catch and hold long term trends which can last for weeks or longer. However, the system can also be used to trade shorter term to maximize your profit potential.

The system is designed to adapt to trading conditions; when big trends are present, focus on them but if the markets are trading sideways, you can still make big profits by swing-trading overbought and oversold currencies.

A key to making money in FOREX is having confidence in your trading plan. Simply learn the logic of how it works and trade it with confidence - the logic of our system is fully explained so you know EXACTLY why it makes money!

A Strategy To Generate Low Risk High Profit Trades

In terms of our strategy, it focuses on generating high probability trades with low risk and high reward. Our aim is not to focus on the number of winning trades - we want to maximize the size of our winning trades while keeping losers small which all successful traders do.

In terms of the risk to reward on our trades we aim for a minimum of 3/1 and preferably we want a 5/1 risk to reward. We want catch big profits while having small risk. Most traders think the entry is more important than the stop but the stop is equally important if not more so.

You need stops that not only give you good risk to reward but also outside of the market noise so you don't get stopped out too soon. All the best strategies have strong money management and our risk management techniques will help you minimize drawdown and maximize profits.

How Pro Traders Win at FX Trading!

They ALL Get A Directional Bias from Sentiment First

They Then Use Simple Technical Analysis to Time and Manage Trades

They Focus on Big Supply and Demand Support and Resistance

They Understand there Stop Loss is as Important as there Entry

They Focus on Higher Time Frames to Avoid the Noise of the Market

Learn How to Do the Above YOURSELF Learn with Us Risk Free!

A complete wealth-building solution: Sharpen Your Trading Skills with Our Support

Our trading strategy is simple to apply and we will explain all the logic behind it so you know how and why it works and can have the confidence to trade it in real time for big profits. You can also contact us at any time with any questions or queries.

Ourr course outlines our trading strategy in FULL and also contains all you need to know about risk management, developing your own trading plan and how to get the psychology of a winning trader so you can trade with confidence and discipline. In the Course YOU will Discover:

  • Trade Forex for profitHow Pro Traders Do Chart Analysis to Identify High Odds Trades
  • How to Use Volatility to Identify High Odds Trend Reversals
  • How to Trade Momentum and Divergence Like a Pro
  • Learn A Simple 3 Step Process to Execute Trades for Maximum Profit
  • How to Place Stops Correctly To Minimize Risk and Maximize Profit Potential.
  • How to Trend Follow Big Trends and Not Get Stopped Out To Soon
  • How to double up your profit potential on ANY trade with 3 simple tips.
  • How to Read Trading Sentiment Like a Pro With a Simple Powerful Tool
  • Why Conventional Trading Wisdom is Wrong and Causes Traders to Lose
  • Learn the Emotional Mindset Traps that Cause Most Traders to Lose
  • Learn The Mindset and Psychology Secrets of the Millionaire Traders

Learn How to Customize Your Own Trading Plan to Suit Your Personality

  • Learn to trade like a pro in 3 simple steps for A Complete Trading Solution:
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“First I would like to say -Your course is outstanding value for money and the daily analysis has really helped me in terms of learning the strategy and its motivating to see an educator actually trade! I have made solid profits in my first 6 months trading by focusing on holding big trends which before found hard to do. Before signing up I had trouble holding a 100 pip move but now I am holding trades for 500 pips or more thank you. ( Philip Johnson Liverpool UK)

“I spent years day trading and getting nowhere – your set and forget trading and focus on bigger moves has turned my trading around and I am now profitable. Caught some huge moves recent call on AUD/USD still running and just under 800 pips in profit and still looking good”
(Martin Hannity Denver USA)

“ You give life access to your course and have seen many so called traders who charge as much per month and never put there neck on the line and give real trades. Really appreciate all you do and the support I have received from you and your team.”
(David Canty Perth Australia)

"I am an experienced technical trader but decided to buy your course for your sentiment analysis. I just wanted to say its helped me a lot in terms of - not only getting better entries but giving me the confidence to hold my profitable trades longer ”
(Michelle Shultz Geneva Switzerland)

Education you can understand, plus the confidence to trade for profit!

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Our courses feature ALL the strategies and tools we use, and the logic of why they work is clearly explained so you can have confidence in the method. EVERYTHING you need to know is outlined in clear, concise English.

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