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Most people who teach Forex don't actually trade. The majority of strategies sold online NEVER get any evidence in real time that the techniques work.

You just get evidence going backwards but what you don't get to see is the person teaching the techniques trade them in real time.

We have been trading for over 25 years and were confident in the techniques we teach so will give you our own trades so you can judge there profit potential for yourself in real time. We give our EXACT entry level, stop and target on a daily basis on 9 major pairs.

The logic the techniques are based upon, are fully explained in our trading course. Once you understand the logic you will see why, the techniques will always give you an edge for profit. This will give you the confidence to trade the techniques with discipline... 

Simple Proven Techniques
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Learning from the losing Majority

If you want to win at Forex trading you need to avoid the fatal strategy errors most traders make which include:

Trying to predict Forex prices with patterns – this is doomed to failure as humans determine the price of any currency and they cannot be predicted. If you want to win you simply REACT to price action as it unfolds.

Most traders also try to scalp and day trade which is just trading random noise and doomed to failure – its also a lot of effort! If you trade longer term, you spend less time on your trading and make bigger profits. 

Most Forex traders try and predict FX prices but this doomed to failure because there is no hidden order to price action. If you want to win, you should trade the reality of price change and use only a simple strategy. If you make your strategy to complicated, it will have to many elements to break. Our strategy is simple and trades high odds set ups.

A Proven Strategy Which Reacts to Price Change

Our Trading techniques show you how to take advantage of shifts in price momentum and velocity, near-important support, and resistance points which gives advance warning of whether levels will hold or break. This allows you to set your order in advance and position yourself for big profits.

The big advantage of strategy is there's no predicting or hoping where prices may go - the techniques we use give you CONFIRMATION. Shifts in price velocity CONFIRM where prices are likely to go at important support and resistance points, so you can trade with the odds firmly in your favour.

With our techniques, you will spend just a few minutes a day looking at each currency pair. If you spot an opportunity, you place your order and that's it. You don't need to spend time looking at Forex prices your orders are set in advance so our method is perfect for anyone who wants to make a great second income in their spare time.

A Flexible Strategy You Can Customize.

In terms of any trading method it must be customised to YOU – were all different in terms of goals objectives, risk tolerance and our strengths and weaknesses. You will only follow a strategy with discipline if it matches Your personality. The good news is you can customize our techniques to fit you.

The techniques are totally flexible in terms of - They can be used for long term trend following or shorter term swing trading term trading and be customised to your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

For example, if you have an impatient personality, you would trade shorter rather than long term. If you have a low risk tolerance, you can adjust the money management parameters to enable you to bank partial profits to reduce draw down etc.

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